Analytics, Moderation, and Improvement for Generative AI

Log, moderate, analyze, and improve AI prompts asked and completions generated by your Generative AI for safety and better alignment with your users. Supports GPT, StableDiffusion, third party APIs and more!
AiAsks provides a safety layer for Generative AI teams to help you collect, analyze, moderate, and improve user prompts and model completions for alignment and further model training.
Generative AI has the potential to accelerate human productivity and creativity exponentially. However, generative models can be misled by malicious inputs (prompts), and often make mistakes in its outputs (completions). To ensure that AI is used in a safe, helpful, and productive manner, it is crucial to align human and AI intent, before model or company reputations have been damaged.
Our platform helps you catch problems early, moderate bad inputs and outputs, and train your models to produce safe and helpful outputs, while reducing the risk of mistakes.
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